Vision and Hearing Screenings at IMS

In October and November all students will have their vision and hearing checked. We want to be sure both these senses are working their best for learning. Vision screening will be done by our friends in the South Windsor Lion's Club. They will use a state of the art camera Pedia Vision SPOT VS100 which can detect the following vision problems: myopia - nearsightedness hyperopia - farsightedness astigmatism - irregular shape cornea or lenses strabismus - misalignment of eyes anisometropia - unequal refractive power anisocoria - pupil size anomalies A completed vision screening summary will be sent home with each student. Hearing Screenings will be done in the Nurse's Office using the Puretone machine. Students will wear headphones and have to raise their hand when they hear the tones. Students who fail the first time will be retested 2 weeks later. Partent/Guardians will be notified only for those students who need further evaluation. These are state mandated screenings though parents can refuse them by requesting in writing to Judy Niedzielski RN sent to school in backpack or [email protected]. by October 15.